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To mark 10 years since the original ColorChecker Passport, X-Rite have enhanced the original Passport. It now includes a new 18% Grey Target, providing increased functionality to also support a traditional grey balance workflow. This could also be used as a neutral balance to remove colour casts. It now also includes a lanyard, increasing portability.

Key Features:

Classic Target

  • Industry standard 24 patch colour reference
  • Used with included software to create custom camera profiles for DNG and TIFF (ICC) workflows
  • Supported in other 3rd party software (Hasselblad Phocus, Black Magic DaVinci Resolve, 3D LUT Creator)

Creative Enhancement

  • Middle two rows: Creative refinement of white balance to warm or cool an image, or series of images
  • Bottom row: a visual reference for judging, controlling and editing images for shadow details or highlight clipping
  • Top row: HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) spectrum patches

Grey Balance

  • A spectrally neutral middle grey target that gives 18% reflectance
  • Use for setting proper camera exposure
  • Quickly check lighting ratios, important for portrait photography
  • Alternate choice for custom neutral balancing camera

White Balance

  • A spectrally neutral extra-light grey
  • Use to custom white balance camera to: Eliminate colour casts, speed up post production colour editing

What's in the box?

  • ColorChecker Classic target
  • Creative enhancement target
  • White balance target
  • Addition of an 18% Grey target
  • Now includes a lanyard for better portability

Calibrite Colour Checker Passport 2

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